Nautilus Tuning specializes in tuning, restoration, customization and modification of vintage and modern Honda motorcycles. True, occasionally a non-Honda motorcycle or some odd car/truck will venture a journey through our doors, but those are few and far between.

From drilling out an emulsion tube in a carb. to programming a custom fuel map, we PERFORM.
From designing unique aircleaners to handcrafting quality LED-based lighting, we CUSTOMIZE.
From rescuing a beat up vintage Honda to breathing new life into a tired Camaro, we RESTORE.

Be sure to read About Us if old Hondas is your thing or you like stories, and check out the Completed Projects for some ideas on past work.
We buy vintage Hondas if the price and location is right, Contact Us if you would like a quote.
We often have Bikes For Sale if you’re in the market for a ride, and if you’re curious about what will soon be for sale, take a peek in the Current Projects file.
Check out the Blog if you’re into DIY and want some tips or the Store if you want to purchase any of our products.

“Why vintage Hondas?”, you may ask. In short, there are two reasons, one for each important word in that question. Vintage, because in many ways we long for that mythical “simpler time”, when pride in craftsmanship mean something visual and when entertainment simply meant a group of guys hitting “the ton” on a modified bike. And Honda, namely because of reliability. It seems that Soichiro Honda’s bikes will run for eons because of his mechanical design and willingness to push the standard. Unfortunately, Hondas have a somewhat unfair reputation for being bland, namely because of their smoothness and durability. This is where Nautilus Tuning steps in; we love to add a little life and character to the most solid and reliable motorcycles around.

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